Coffee consumption decrease the risk of colon cancer
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Coffee consumption decrease the risk of colon cancer

Coffee consumption decrease the risk of colon cancer

Coffee includes a huge amount of bioactive components which maintain the proper physiological conditions in intestines. Although it has been a point of interest for those seeking anti-cancer products for quite some time, there hasn’t been enough proof of its effectiveness against cancer… until last month!

A few days ago, the results of a new research were published. The study concerned the relation between coffee consumption and cancer. It was carried out on a big number of people (5145 patients and 4097 control).

The study found a connection between the type of coffee, the frequency of its consumption, the amount of its consumption, the ethnic group, and the presence of cancer in the colon and rectum.

The results surprised even the already enthusiastic researchers. They discovered that the consumption of coffee was related to the 26% reduction of cancer among coffee drinkers. The correlation was also observed in relation to caffeine-free coffee and boiled coffee. The increased intake of coffee was related to the reduction of cancer in intestines.

What’s interesting is that the amount of coffee consumed per day is reflected in a lower risk of cancer. In comparison to the people who did not drink coffee every day, the risk of the development of colon cancer decreased with the rise in daily coffee consumption. When scientists compared the everyday consumption of coffee, it turned out that among people who drank more than 2,5 portions per day the risk of developing colon cancer was the lowest.

So, coffee keeps your bowels safe.



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